Hello World!

Hello! My name is Lucas, but I prefer to be called Lucky :). I was born on January 30th of 1995, so I’m 26 years old (I mustn’t forget to update this number the next year).

I’m a deep lover of programming, technology and videogames. I’m currently working as Technical Leader in a Software Factory based in Argentina.
I started this blog to share my knowledge, experiences and adventures as a developer. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with other people in a public space. I really enjoy transmitting my learnings and I put a lot of effort to make that other people can understand my ideas.

In 2019 I decided to face my fears and I started to talk in English with other people (Thanks Nati to be the best teacher). It was really hard for me because I consider I do it so badly and I didn’t want other people to laugh at me because of that.

I will try to write some blog post in English to practice my vocabulary, but if I have some complications to express an idea I will do it in Spanish, so you will see posts in both languages :).

Currently, I work with PHP and Javascript. I’ve been working with PHP for many years and now I’m using Laravel. I consider that I have strong skills with this tool, so this year I will try to be good with NodeJS.

Follow me to walk this travel together :).