What can I do?

I work mainly with PHP and Javascript. I’m a flexible developer and can adapt my profile to any technology if the situation demands, but I prefer to work in backend.
I have experience working with Laravel. I really enjoy working with this framework because it’s easy to use and I don’t have to deal with complicated configurations or environments. I can put my focus on the product or the business and let the framework do the hard things.
But, this year I’ve started to investigate about architecture and coupling and I discover that although Laravel is great, the cost of using it is high.
The “Laravel way” encourages you to couple to the Framework (like the use of the ORM) and, by the end of the day, you have a code that cannot be distinguished from the framework.

Today, I try to build better software, avoiding coupling my code to the framework or the “Infrastructure” and working to build a pure Domain layer.
I’ve worked with React and React Native. I build many applications with those technologies.
I’ve built many monolith applications and API-oriented applications. I try to follow the best practices and the community-accepted standards to do the things.

Now, I’m working on a project using NodeJS. I like the technology and I want to master it in 2021.

I enjoy learning theory. I like to combine that knowledge with practical applications to take advantage of both worlds. I have strong knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming (I learned it by reading the papers of Daniel Ingalls and programming in Smalltalk) and today I am putting my focus on the SOLID Principles and their applications.

To end this section, I love the communication. I work a lot on my communication skills to express my ideas efficiently and I put my effort into it so people can understand me. I enjoying sharing my knowledge with other people and I try to learn as much as I can about people who have more experience than me.